Who after Varesh Sinha (CS, Gujarat)?

Gujarat Map, Gujarat Elections, BJP

With picture getting clearer that Varesh Sinha (CS Gujarat, retiring on October 31) is not getting extension for third consecutive time D Jagatheesa Pandian (IAS: 1981: GJ) seems to have fair chances to be the new Chief Secretary. Even though; one cannot rule out the potential names like S K Nanda (IAS: 1978: GJ) and Hasmukh Adhia (IAS: 1981: GJ). Having service period till November 2018 Adhia wants to be at centre to sharpen prospects for top position in Government of India. On the other hand, Nanda, being the senior most officer among the claimants, has a natural claim over the top job. Still it is believed that Modi’s blessings is supposed play crucial role. Question remains; “who after Varesh Sinha”?


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