Who says PM doesn’t listen to his ministers?

 modi, pmo
 It is widely believed and shared that, though NaMo listens to all his ministers, he does what he wants to do. But this doesn’t seem to be the reality. Indianmandarins recently came across an example in this regard where a minister recommended a retired secretary, who once served in his ministry, for post-retirement employment citing his ability as reflected in the track-record of his service. In a matter of months, the former civil servant concerned was reappointed in the Govt of India.
Interestingly, the minister belongs to a southern state and the officer concerned belongs to one of the Hindi-speaking states in the North. If some well-placed sources are to be believed the minister never believed that his suggestion will be accepted even though his was a suggestion based on hard facts and urgent needs. Since his recommendation matched with PM’s own observation and feedback, the officer was picked up for the top job after retirement.

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