Youvraj’s absence louder than his presence; a reality check


RG IMAGEFinally Rahul Gandhi would be visible in the Lutyens zone from April 14 onward.

Already playing on dead pitch, party is preparing ground for his fresh launch, as the word of mouth is “he is on “introspection holiday” or chintan avkash. Now all eyes would again be focused on him to see and gauge his performance like Youvraj of Delhi’s Daredevil IPL.  Both Youvraj of Congress and Youvraj of cricket would be in limelight within political circle as well as general public, as for Indians Cricket is their religion and politics is their best pass time.

A big hue and cry was made on conspicuous absence of Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi before the Budget session of Parliament. But in the hind side, it appears that his absence spoke louder than his absence because he was already written off by all.

But the question is if he is so worthless why so much attention.

Anyways, this time his moves will gauge the importance of his presence as Parliament again starts after recess.


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