Shashi Tharoor defines ANOCRACY

By IndianMandarins- 10 Jan 2022


New Delhi (10.01.2022): Senior Congress leader Shashi Tharoor is angry with the Centre. He is always polite, yet very critical. He took to Twitter to explain a new word –ANOCRACY. “A word we’d better start learning in India: ANOCRACY. It is a form of government that mixes democratic with autocratic features, permits elections, allows participation through opposition parties and institutions accommodating a nominal amount of competition, but acts with minimal accountability,” said Tharoor.

Sources said anocracy is defined as ‘part democracy and part dictatorship or a regime that mixes democratic with autocratic features.” Tharoor is known for his vast vocabulary and this time he has targetted the BJP led Centre for its autocratic style of functioning. As assembly elections have been announced in five states, Tharoor has hit at the Centre with his political barb.

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