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Sindhuri Vs. Nag: A strange tale of conflict of temperament

By IndianMandarins- 04 Jun 2021


New Delhi/Bengaluru (04.06.2021): Two officers of the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), publicly renowned for serving the people, have allowed their idiosyncrasies to get the better of them and stirred an avoidable controversy, more so because both are women.

Mysuru city corporation commissioner Shilpa Nag (IAS:2014:KN) reportedly resigned on Thursday accusing her senior Rohini Sindhuri Dasari (IAS:2009:KN), deputy commissioner of the district, of avoidable interference in coronavirus disease (Covid-19) management.

Of course, her resignation hasn't been accepted nor will be accepted, as indicated by the Karnataka NDA administration. All Mysuru city corporators, cutting across party lines, have also come out in her support and demanded that Sindhuri be transferred out.

In a presser, announcing her resignation, Nag said, "There is no conducive atmosphere for me to discharge my duties. No one should ever face a situation like this."

Sindhuri, on the other hand, has clarified that she merely asked Nag for clarifications regarding "contradictory" ward-wise Covid-19 data that was submitted. She asked whether seeking clarifications amounted to harassment.

Sindhuri has hinted that the crux of the problem could have been her insistence on the deployment of CSR funds for the whole district instead of limiting them for Covid management of the city area only.

However, Nag, who has been functioning as the Mysuru city commissioner (MCC) since February 2021, has claimed she has been targeted after media reports credited the MCC for doing a commendable job in controlling the Covid-19 menace in the city.

Whatever, this is hardly the time the two lady officers need to exhaust themselves on account of their temperamental differences.

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