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Hatha Yoga: Will AK Sharma go into oblivion?

By IndianMandarins- 21 Jun 2021


New Delhi (21.06.2021): The much-hyped induction of former IAS officer Arvind Kumar Sharma (Retd IAS:1988:GJ) into the BJP and his expected elevation to UP cabinet for his proximity with Prime Minister Narendra Modi was doused with his appointment as one of the over one and half dozen vice presidents of the state BJP. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath prevailed upon in the deliberations that were happening for the past around one month to accommodate Sharma in the state Government along with some others. But Yogi did not let this happen. Sharma has been given the responsibility in an organization that does not have executive power.

Elections are coming closer by the day and Yogi Adityanath does not apparently want to give credit for his hard work to anyone. But this tug of war between the top leadership of the party and UP CM is interesting to watch for as every other BJP CM looks at the Central leadership to be redeemed while in crisis but Yogi has emerged as the new regional powerful Kshatrap of the BJP that to in a state like Uttar Pradesh where there are 80 Lok Sabha seats and over 400 Assembly seats. Has the authority of Central leadership started eroding or a new leader is emerging in the BJP?

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